Glitch...a parallax of fantasy and failure

multi-media intervention

with Megan Flocken


‘Glitch’ is a multimedia installation that provides a creative, process-oriented, visual counterpart to the ideas presented in the group panel “Parallax Politics” at the Zizek Studies Conference, 2014. Public space is inundated with user-generated text messages and a disruptive “selfie” station exposing the parallax position between fantasy of and failure in our relationship with our environment(s). The interventions function in tangent to one another creating an indeterminate web of meaning that expands the cognitive space of the conference into an experiential, intermediary, glitchy space.

Glitch Text 1
Glitch Text 2
Glitch Text 3
Glitch Text 4
Glitch Text 5
Glitch Text 6
Glitch Text 7
Glitch Text 8
Glitch Selfies