No House Like Home, multimedia installation with fabric, text, collage, screenprinting, embroidery, lights, and sound, 2007.

An 1860’s Vermont farmhouse is transformed into an alternate blueprint of canvas walls of text, a labyrinthine route bringing strangers together, rubbing shoulders in claustrophobic enclosures, and collapsing the boundary of private and public space. A dancer trapped in the stairwell and musicians who perform in a bathtub, respond to the spirits of those who lived and died in the house.   

Dancer: Stephanie Fay

Cello and electronic loops: Paul de Jong

Drumming: Colin Polnitsky

No House Like Home installation video
NHLH Dancing
NHLH Detail 1
NHLH Detail 2
NHLH Detail 3
NHLH Detail 5
NHLH Detail 4
NHLH Detail 6
NHLH Detail 7
NHLH Detail 8