Please Remember Me When I'm Gone/ In The Field Next to the Orchard, installation shot, southern Vermont, 2009. Sailcloth, PVC, wood, recorded sound, video.

An environmental installation of huts made of salvaged sailcloth, recorded voices, and time-lapse videos of sunsets. Please Remember Me... uncannily collides technologies with remote environments drawing on the time-based functions of each. Viewers follow a hand drawn map to a secret location where they are rewarded with an eery and meditative intervention into the landscape that blurs the beginning and end of the art/nature experience. A later indoor/outdoor site-specific adaption of this project was exhibited at the Contemporary Artists Center in Troy, NY.

In The Field 1
In The Field 2
In The Field 3
In The Field 4
PRMWIG Video/Audio
Church Install 1
Church Install 2
Church Install 3
Church Install 4
Church Install 5