Ethan Allen Nights, multi-media video installation, 2010-2013 (ongoing)

with C. Wright Cronin

On the eve of the storming of Fort Ticonderoga, Revolutionary War hero Ethan Allen and his abandoned wife Mary write hate letters to each other as they descend into parallel but divergent states of psychosis. Imaginary reenactment videos embedded in historical educational displays and fantasy sculptural dioramas call into question the authenticity of history, personality, and love. 

Directed and Edited by Rebecca Weisman
Written and Co-directed by C. Wright Cronin
Camera Operator: Victoria Kereszi
Sound: Dan Mazur and Rebecca Weisman
Lighting: Brad “Bear” Ingalls

Props: Dana Heffern and Allison Roach

Actors: Hezzie Johanson, Jim Clark, John Johanson, Tyler Sinclair, Wright Cronin, Miette and Paxton Drury

History, Reenactment, and Repetition in Ethan Allen Nights

EAN Still 1
EAN Still 3
EAN Still 4
EAN Still 5
EAN Still 6
EAN Still 7
EAN Still 11
EAN Still 12
EAN Still 13
EAN Still 14
EAN Still 15
EAN Install 1
EAN Install 2
EAN Install 3
EAN Install 4
EAN Install 5
EAN Install 6
EAN Install 7
EAN Install 8
EAN Install 9
EAN Install 10
EAN Install 11
EAN Install 12
EAN Install 13
EAN Install 14
EAN Install 15
EAN Install 16
EAN Install 17
EAN Install 18