My Human Being.
Mixed media
live video projection
outdoor projection
single channel monitor
5.1 sound. 

A gallery wall is displaced, refashioned in snow and becomes a projection screen for a performance in which words are inscribed into the environment and erased by forces of nature. The cold eery exterior contrasts with the warm, inviting interior of the gallery, provoking an intriguing and meditative collapse of captured and actual experiences of nature. In the coalescence of legibility in sounds and words, and the blurring of boundaries between inside/outside a question arises via technological intermediaries about the subject’s (in)ability to represent nature.

Originally begun in 2005 this piece has gone through many seasons and site-specific iterations including a 1 day multi-channel installation at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a 10 day installation at Goddard College in 2010 with sound artist Charles Veasey, and most recently a 1 month solo exhibition at Julian Scott Gallery in 2012. This project is supported in part by Johnson State College and Vermont Studio Centers, Johnson VT.


Installation and Performance
Winter Video
Fall Spring Summer Videos
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Fall Still 3
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